Socks Rockers

Has there ever been a post of a blogger that you read and go OH.MY.GOD. *Janice style*

It is beyond epic and you sit there in front of the screen open mouthed for half an hour before  trying to summon up the required words to convey your awe to the author.

For some time now, I have been coming across such exemplary posts by amazing bloggers which blow my mind. While some are works of art showcasing the writer's command over the language, other are incidents which touch a chord deep within me, yet others are so funny that I laugh my pants off. I had to find a way to get such posts out to people who have been kind enough to read my blog and I didn't want to do the run-of-the-mill award posts.

So, this is a tiny token of my appreciation to those people who write posts that make me fall in love with the art of writing again & again and reinstate my faith in blogging.

Presenting to you, the  
"You Rock My Socks" Award

Cookie Crumbs Inc.

This is not a regular feature, I will be awarding it to posts as and when I come across them.
Also, please feel free to nominate any posts that you think are mind-blowing, I don't think one person alone can find all the awesome posts that come up everyday.

06 December 2011

1) ...that it's just meant to be by Spaceman Spiff

The post is special. The need to elaborate ceases to exist in the face of it's remarkable simplicity and profoundness. It reinstated my faith in a lot of things, Spiff.

Hope you like my little token....
(I know how excited you get about awards =P)

Edit: 26 July 2013
The other awardees have disappeared somehow, I so sorry about that :/

Edit: 06 September
I think I'm ready to resurrect this little page =)

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