28 Feb 2017

Reading Roundup - February '17

This book truly creeped the fuck out of me. And gave me nightmares for a week because I was still obsessing over it. The only problem: I get low self-esteem as a reason for a character’s actions but it wasn’t really convincing in this plot and I kept telling her THERE. WARNING BELL RIGHT THERE, YOU COW. Ending was kinda, sorta predictable but the writing is taut enough to keep you interested.

Pick it up: If you like psychological thrillers.
Number of pages:
Reading time: 5 hours

Yes, I know, it’s taken me this long to read them but I loved every word. And enough has been said JKR’s attention to detail: Dumbledore’s notes and glimpses of the wizarding world pre-Potters had me sighing with nostalgia.

Pick it up: If you like fantasy (because all Potterheads worth their salt would already have ripped through this a long time ago). Worth investing in hard copies as collectibles.
Reading time: 1 hour

Bad Mommy
Pages: 298

Another book that creeped me out, one of those nothing-is-as-it-seems types. The author has pulled off the plot BRILLIANTLY, I felt. It ended on a weirdass note that made me unsure how to feel because I’m not a fan of open endings.

Pick it up: If you like psychological thrillers, multiple perspective narratives
Reading time: 3 hours

Pages: 176

I’m not a fan of poetry, except for a few blogger friends’ works, select, VERY select contemporary poets, and those that I was forced to learn at school, I haven’t even had the patience to read through any poetry. Having said that, this book is a gem. Lang Leav waxes eloquent about love (another one of my least favorite themes) in such a realistic way that one of the poems was, word by word, how I feel. When you connect with something on that level, you can’t help but love it.

Pick it up: If you love poetry, or Lang Leav, or can’t understand what the fuss is about poetry, or are looking for a quick read. I guarantee, you will be enamored.
Reading time: 30 minutes

Pages: 352
I honestly don’t know how to feel about this book; it’s such a mishmash. There are parts that I liked, the writing was okay, but when it ended, I was like – despite everything, you had the scope to make better choices but you didn’t, so I don’t respect you. Characters were not likeable in the least, I wanted to shake some sense into someone who was supposed to be sensible and I wanted to slap the fiance’s face at more than a dozen places, such a Douchey Doucherson. Themes explored were solid but each new theme introduced had to compete with all the others for attention. The ending was mega-blah. BUT I still liked the parts of action, so to speak.

Pick it up: If you have nothing better to do but want to read SOMETHING but still don’t want to read the likes of Chetan Bhagat
Reading time: 4 hours

Zac and Mia
Pages: 310

Tear-jerker. Sort of. A little unbelievable. Or maybe I feel that way because I lived a very sheltered young adult life. Very sweet portrayal of some characters. Beautiful descriptions based in Australia that I loved. Painfully predictable ending. I needed a distraction at work from work, it sufficed.

Pick it up: If you are in the mood for a story that's been told before but are in the mood to hear it again. 
Reading time: 2.5 hours

If you've read any of these books, let me know what you think of them. And if you have books you think I'll die if I don't read, pliss to let me know.