Started on Blogger in 2008. Have written some 2283962498127648912 introductions to accommodate for the fickle nature of human (my) character and the growth (mine) from an stupid, angsty teenager to a strong-willed adult who hasn't come to terms with the fact that she is, indeed, an adult. Here goes yet another effort.

About the blog:

This place used to be "Hand in the Cookie Jar" at one point, then "Confessions of the Chocolate Obsessed" for the longest time before this. This place has seen me grow from a naive teenager to a young adult with strong opinions to a mellow adult (kind of. Okay, just a bit then. Fine. Not mellow. Just an adult. OKAYOKAY. A teen stuck in an adult body? Sheesh). Going by my list of priorities, this place is a damn sight more than just a blog to me.

About the blogger:

    • Quintessential small-town girl (does 24 25 26 still qualify as 'girl'?) in the big city 
    • Foot-in-mouth disease and awkward conversations are my thing
    • Writer by blood and editor by profession 
    • Passionate hater of crowds and shopping 
    • Type A 
    • Lover of black, tattoos, animals, little humans, the rains, and crime fiction
    • Ovolacto vegetarian trying to turn vegan
    • Possess a past that involved spllng lyk dis and putting up cryptic lovey-dovey Facebook updates (makes me want to dissociate from a good number of memories) 
    • Lover of food (both cooking and eating)   
    • Macro and bokeh photography enthusiast 
    • May or may not have a potty mouth that I am not particularly proud of *sheepish face*
    • Worst sense of fashion since the Sack itself
    • Humanist, advocate for equal opportunity

At any given point of time, I have 10 books on my shelf waiting to be read, two kittens cats (Gypsy and Fudge) jostling for my attention and space on my keyboard, and a nose buried in YouTube. Not to mention the paused F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode on the side, gajillion bookmarked sites, and a freakish number of tweaks I want to try out on my phone.

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Last updated: 18th October 2016