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1 Mar 2017

#GoalDigger - March '17

I have updated the last post; managed to get exactly half of the list ticked off –  some of the most important of the lot weren't and I feel absolutely terrible about it because, for one, it was a very achievable list. But February was again one of those months that went past in a blink and I felt like I had no control. Hopefully, March be better? Here goes the list.  

  • Read 7 books
  • Run a 5k
  • Schedule workouts for the week and stick to them (x4)
  • Hit 600 posts on Instagram
  • Perfect the origami crane
  • Draw three moar pages! [I bought all my pens and then lost momentum]
  • Fix my vanity shelf (?)
Carrying forward a few from last month:

      > Meal prep on the weekends (x3)  
      > Sort closet into keep, sell, donate
      > That godforsaken period box post that has been pending for a gajillion years now
      > Hit 65/365

Something scary seems to have happened. I've sat down to write fiction and even wrote three or four pieces, but the plots make zero sense. Words keep flowing but I think I've written abstract pieces for so long that I've forgotten how to tell a story! I have 3,000-odd words and no story to tell and it's scaring the daylights out of me. Am I simply out of creative inspiration or am I done telling stories? To figure this out, I'm going to be doing a few creative writing exercises this month. Let's see how that goes.

Any advice you guys have will be much appreciated. 

P.S: Who else is listening to "Shape of You" on infinite loop?