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2 Feb 2017

#GoalDigger - February '17

I’ve been wanting to do a “my goals for the month” post and resurrecting my monthly roundups forever now but somehow got caught in the nitty gritties. Posting it on the blog keeps me more accountable than when I scribble it down on my BuJo and Shantala’s post on a writer’s method made much sense such wow, except I’d want to do it monthly – I need more frequent kicks on the butt (I usually end up wondering where all the time went and I don’t want to go back to that cycle). The categories are all a jumble but I don't care, I'm not going to obsess over it and feel like rewriting the post all over again, so here they are:

  • Read six books
  • Meet weight goal breakdown every week
  • GET MORE SLEEP DAMMIT (I’m averaging at bleddy 5.45 hours now and it is messing with my head)
  • Finish finance and tax planning (GET HELP)
  • Meal prep on two weekends (including dessert)
  • Sort closet into keep, sell, and donate
  • BUY NEW PANTS AND LINGERIE (no, really, I need to put this down on a to-list to get myself to do it)
  • Write one short story (last one I wrote was in 2015. Yes, I’m suitably ashamed of myself)
  • Put together the period box post
  • Hit at least 50/365
  • Update the 101 in 1001 post
  • SORT HDD (everything is a godawful mess and I don’t know how I live with myself)
  • Finish home d├ęcor projects  [Circumstances have changed, I'm taking this off mid-month]

I'll probably update this post on February 28 with what I managed to get done and what I learnt in the process or maybe write a separate post altogether (haven't decided which), but fingers crossed that I make a clean sweep. 

Have an awesome blossom February, yo! 

Edit: Updated on March 1.