29 Feb 2016

Having An Epiphany on Quora

23 Feb 2016

Lydie-lo ~ Kristie-koo

22 Feb 2016

Black Lisle Stockings

Look at me. No, really look at me. 

19 Feb 2016

I remember from my childhood...

15 Feb 2016

Unsent Texts #3

12 Feb 2016


9 Feb 2016

Dashing Expectations to Smithereens Better Than Kamsa

I hear about Mrs. Funnybones. I hear more things about Mrs. Funnybones. I hear even more things about Mrs. Funnybones. So I decide I HAVE to read Mrs. Funnybones. 

6 Feb 2016


She came to me when she was maybe a month old – at that point I couldn’t tell her apart from her brother. She is the timid one; I still can’t work out whether it is a girl-cat thing or it is just her.

5 Feb 2016

Delayed Pride Syndrome.

1 Feb 2016


In the last year, maybe dating as far back as December 2014, there isn’t a single to-do list that I’ve managed to completely check off.